Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

If you find yourself in need of exterior painters in Jacksonville FL, give us a call. There is no feature that adds more to the curb appeal of your home than your paint job. The right color can draw the attention and envy from everyone that passes by. For businesses, a new paint job can be exactly what you need to draw more customers. Color attracts and captivates passerbys no matter what your business is.

Exterior Painter Jacksonville FL

Exterior Painting Takes a lot of Work

While painting may seem simple and straightforward, there are actually many steps to follow if you want a clean paint job that will last. For normal working people, this is a huge task that many simply don’t have the time and skills to perform. Painting in Jacksonville all day under the hot sun doesn’t sound like a good time for most people! Consider hiring professional painting contractors in Jacksonville FL to get the job done in record time and leave you with a finish that brings you joy every time you pull up in the driveway.

Our Process


Before anything, your house must be washed properly with a pressure washer. This cleans all of the dirt and grime buildup from the outside elements. This alone can be a messy affair for you and your neighbors. It’s best to leave this to professionals that know how to minimize the possible mess.


Next you must remove all of the loose paint chips off the siding of your home. This ensures that the paint applies smooth and evenly to ensure proper coverage and a long-lasting finish. All the debris will be caught by drop cloths as you do not want to leave paint chips and residue on your lawn.


Sanding makes the exterior extra smooth which is ideal before applying a new paint job.


While cleaning up the exterior of your home, we take note of any areas that need repair. All holes or cracks need to be patched up before applying a new coat of paint.


After the entire exterior is smooth and prepped, the surface will need to be primed. We consult the paint manufacturers to determine how many coats are ideal.


All cracks and corners need to be caulked so that no moisture and rain can seep through and cause damage.


Finally after all these steps are complete, it’s time to paint. We provide a full service for you with every project that we take on. Other exterior house painters in Jacksonville FL might skip steps, but we believe in quality. While this seems like an arduous process, it’s important to not skip any steps to ensure that your home has the perfect paint job to compliment your land, fixtures and decor.